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VA Home Loan
A VA home loan can be used to build a home, to buy a new home, for energy efficiency home improvement, or to refinance your existing home loan. Even if you have already taken advantage of a VA home loan, you may still have a remaining entitlement which you can use for another loan up to the amount of $36,000.
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Buy a House

There are several options to look into if you are interested in buying a home and several loans available to help you in this process:

  • If you would like to have your new home built so that you can customize it to your tastes, there are construction loans that pay for materials, land and labor necessary to construct your house. Repayment of this loan would not be necessary until the construction period ended and you were able to move into your brand new house.
  • For families with lower incomes who may not be able to provide a large down payment, FHA loans are available. FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration but funded by a conventional lender, and limits the amount of risk to the lender. This lack of risk is transferred to you through lower down payments and lower interest rates. VA loans are much the same. They are provided by conventional lenders but insured by the Veterans Administration. A VA insured loan requires no down payment at all and has a very low interest rate. Visit the Department of Housing and Urban Development website (www.hud.gov) to find out more about federally insured and funded home loans.

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Home Equity Lanes
A major benefit of a home equity lanes is that the interest paid on the first $100,000 is tax deductible. Unlike other types of lanes, the taxable income of the borrower is reduced by the amount of interest paid each year.
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Land Loan
Usually, the homebuyer places a down payment on the lot and uses a line of credit to finance the construction of the home. As construction moves along, the buyer borrows from the line of credit to finance the building. Once the construction is finished, the land loan and the line of credit are rolled into a single mortgage to be paid by the homeowner.
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Mortgage Calculation
Mortgage calculation can also help you plan whether or not you would like to include extra payments in your repayment schedule. On the loan of $150,000 at 7% interest with a 30 year term and a monthly payment of $997, one extra yearly payment can save a homeowner nearly $50,000 in interest payments. If this loan had a 15 year term, the difference that of extra yearly payment would be far less impressive, saving just over $9,500. If you are interested in making an extra yearly payment and feel you it will not put too much strain on your finances, it is a good idea to discuss this with your lender. Extra payments can cause you to finish paying your balance before the scheduled end of the repayment period and some lenders have prepayment fees, so you should check to make sure there are no such penalties or include these extra payments in your repayment schedule.
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Mortgages Online

The first terms you will come across in determining the conditions you want for your mortgage are fixed and adjustable.

  • Fixed rates are constant through out the repayment of your loan and give you the stability of knowing your monthly payment will be the same at the end of your loan as they were at the start.
  • Adjustable rates are less predictable because they adjust with current rate indexes and can rise or fall as your repayment period progresses. The lessened stability of this loan is balanced out by lenient qualifying, low introductory rates, and the knowledge that an adjustable rate loan has a cap, or ceiling to keep the rate from rising too high.

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Reverse Mortgage
Like FHA loans, there is a federally insured reverse mortgage. The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, also known as HECM. To qualify for a federally insure reverse mortgage, a borrower must own a single-family unit, a 2-4 unit building or another federally approved unit.
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As your loan is repayed you will spend less and less on interest expenses every month. A loan amortization schedule will show you this break-down over the life of your loan… Home equity can be obtained as a home equity loan or as a home equity line of credit. With a home equity loan you take out a one time amount and with a home equity line of credit you can take out continually over time… Mortgages refinancing all up and down our streets are a clue to all of us that it may be in our best interest to have refinanced a few times in the past few years if we intend to stay in our homes for any more than 2 – 3 years…
Bad credit mortgages are possible with the help of a qualified mortgage broker specialized in helping those of us with less than perfect or tarnished credit history. At today’s rates it has never been a better time to buy a home… A mortgage refinancing company is important to home owners as soon as it comes time to take advantage of interest rates that have dropped since the time you bought your home and got your first mortgage…

Need a mortgage payment calculation? Our calculators are free and easy. Estimate your interest rate and loan term and let our calculators supply you with a printer friendly estmate of your loan…

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