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Mortgage calculation generally works in this way: A mortgage amount of $150,000 with an interest rate of 7% and a term of 30 years will have a monthly payment of $997. The total interest paid on this loan will be $209,263 and the monthly average of interest will be $581. If the interest on this loan seems to high but you do not qualify for another rate, shortening your term to 15 years can save you money on interest. If you change the term entered into the calculator to 15 years, keeping all of the other information the same, the total interest paid is reduced to 92,683, a difference of over $100,000.

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Buying a new home usually means taking on a new mortgage, both of which you will have to live with for the next five to thirty years. Making sure that the mortgage suits you just as well as your new home will help make those years more enjoyable. Looking into the possible terms of your new mortgage can only help. A good way to go about researching mortgage terms is to use a mortgage calculator. Mortgage calculation will help you choose the loan you want and ensure that you do not take on loan that you can not afford. Enter your information into our mortgage calculator to get an estimate on your monthly payments and fill out our free short form to contact up to four lenders about your new mortgage.

Small changes in interest rates or loan terms can make a large difference in your loan and the amount of money you pay by the time your loan is finished. For example, many mortgage calculators allow you the option of making an extra yearly payment. One extra payment yearly could possibly make a large impact on your loan. One extra yearly payment on a loan of $150,000 at 7% with a 30 year term can change the average monthly interest from $581 to $444 and the total interest paid over the life of the loan from $209,263 to $160,025, a difference of nearly $50,000. However, on the same loan with a 15 year term, the difference in total interest would only be $9,500. If you do plan to make an extra payment yearly, check with your lender to make sure that there are no prepayment fees if you pay off your loan before the expected date.

Though the figures given by a mortgage calculator are estimates, they can very useful in the planning of your mortgage. Use our mortgage calculator to plan your new mortgage or apply online to contact up four lenders.


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Online mortgage calculations are great for doing estimates of how new loans will affect your finances. Figure out your monthly payment on your new loan, then apply online for as many as four rate quotes on your new loan… An interest only mortgage does exactly as the name implies. Your monthly payments are lower but you do not build equity in your home. This arrangement can be desirable for a variety of reasons, in particular if you do not intend to stay in your home long… The mortgage calculation offers available at Expo Financial include, mortgage amortization, debt consolidation and refinancing. Just enter the rate you hope for, your loan amount and let the mortgage calculator crank out your answers…
Unsecured loans are less common than conventional loans but they are quicker to obtain and they do not require the support of collateral. This makes them a lower risk to the borrower but a higher risk to the lender and subsequently interest rates are usually higher… FHA loan advantages are great if you would like to qualify for a low interest rate and little to no money down on your new mortgage. FHA loans do not have limites set by the amount of income the borrower has…

First time buyers can take advantage of today’s low interest rates and benefit from the happiness and security of owning their own home. Special first time home buyer programs are offered at the state and local levels to help you minimize the size of your down payment…

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