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You can also refinance a larger amount than you need to fund a major purchase at a low interest rate, such as a new car or college tuition. Fill out our free short form today to contact lenders about bad credit refinancing.

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There are many reasons to look into refinancing, especially if you have bad credit or if you are currently being harassed by creditors. If you:

  • Are in need of debt consolidation
  • Have a high interest loan
  • Have an adjustable rate mortgage
  • Would like to invest in home improvement or repair
  • Need to pay for college tuition
  • Have significantly repaired your credit report and would like to pay off an old bad credit loan.
  • Want to make a major purchase but do not have the funds

Debt consolidation can help you get from under the stress and pressure of collections calls and the mountain of bills that come to you each month in the mail. Refinancing all of your small loans into one larger one will allow you to have one monthly payment. This will help you pay off your debt more easily, generally with a lower interest rate and often lower monthly payments. Also, lenders understand that applicants looking for to refinance in order to consolidate debt usually have damaged credit and so the requirements for this type of refinancing would be more lenient.

An adjustable rate loan is often taken on by people with bad credit. If your situation has improved since you closed your first loan and you believe you can qualify for a fixed rate loan, or if you desperately want a lower adjustable rate cap, refinancing can help you. Refinancing to a fixed loan will give you the security of know exactly what your monthly payments will be for the life of your loan, and a low rate cap will give you the knowledge that your adjustable rate will not climb too high. Refinancing may get you a loan with the security that you did not obtain the first time around.


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  • Expert lenders compete for your busines with low rates and great loan terms
  • Poor to Excellent credit borrowers welcome – low rate mortgage loans
  • No mandatory credit check – let only the lender you choose check your credit
  • Free evaluation of your borrowing options in a no obligation setting
  Need Cash? Considering a Home Equity Loan? Why not get cash out from your equity and refinance in one process. Select ‘Refinance’ on the application and specify your ‘Cash-Out’.
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Bad credit refinancing can eliminate your high interest debts and even allow you to take cash out for home improvements or other unexpected needs. .. Second mortgages are tax deductible loans that rely upon the equity you have in your first mortgage to give you borrower credibility that determines your interest rate. A second mortgage works similar to a home equity line of credit except you get all of the money at once… Calculate the monthly interest and principal that will be paid on your new loan. Print your your amortization schedule and factor in extra monthly payments to pay off your loan early…
A loan calculator is the first place to look when you are considering a new home loan. If you are buying a home the best thing to know right off is how much your monthly payments will be. If they are affordable the next step is to contact a mortgage broker… Mortgages are as common as the people that live in. It is a reality that most all of us will have to finance the purchase of our home and that it will be the biggest investment we ever make in our financial futures…

Looking for a mortgage payment calculator? Try our free online tools to estimate your monthly payments on a mortgage or calculate a break even point for a mortgage refinance. Apply to talk to as many as four lenders when you are done…

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