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Understanding mortgage rates and their indexes will allow you to make an educated choice when taking on a loan. Apply online to take advantage of low mortgage rates and contact up to four lenders about your new mortgage.

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There are several indexes on which mortgage rates are based:

  • The Prime Rate is often given by lenders to corporations, large businesses and to the most credit-worthy applicants. This index is characterized by its stability, and it does not usually vary from bank to bank. Also, the Prime Rate can be used to predict future trends in rates. The direction of rates associated with consumer loans often follows the lead of this index.
  • U.S. Treasury Security Yields is published yearly by the Federal Reserve Board and is one of the indexes used to decide adjustable mortgage rates. This index is comprised of an average of monthly rates during the length of a one year U.S. Treasury security.
  • The 11th District Cost of Funds is also often used to determine adjustable mortgage rate, and it generally rises and falls along with the average of a one-year U.S. Treasury security. The 11th Federal Home Loan Bank District publishes a weighted average mortgage rate monthly. The 11th District Cost of Funds uses the states of California, Nevada and Arizona to calculate this weighted average.

A fixed mortgage rate is generally considered the most desirable because it remains constant throughout the term of the loan and gives a measure of financial security. Fixed mortgage rates make financial planning more reliable as the home owner knows the exact amount of his or her monthly payment from the first day of the loan to the last. Whether interest rates rise or fall in the future, a borrower with a fixed rate will not be affected.

Adjustable rates carry more risk than fixed rates as they are suspect to change as the loan term moves along. After adjustment periods of three, five or ten years, the mortgage rate will increase or decrease according to a predetermined interest rate index. Some indexes are less stable than other indexes and it is good to research your index in order to take this into consideration. The increased risk that comes along with adjustable rates, is lessened by a rate cap that keeps the mortgage rate from rising beyond a certain point regardless of the activity of indexes. Also, adjustable rate loan usually begin with low introductory rates. If mortgage rates fall substantially, a homeowner with an adjustable rate would be able to feel the beneficial effects of such a drop, while a homeowner with a fixed rate would have to refinance in order to do so.


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Even a rate drop as small as one percent can mean that mortgage rates have changed enough to make it time for another refinance if you plan on staying in your home for more than a few years… Todays interest rates are at lows that for good credit consumers beat most all other forms of credit when it comes to the rates you can get on a loan the size of a typical mortgage. For this reason, refinancing and debt consolidation business is booming… 2nd mortgages bring cash from home equity at low rates. 2nd mortgages are a great way to cover unexpected or large expenses at lower interest rates than a conventional loan…
A financial calculator can help you answer your own questions before even speaking to an expert in many cases. On our site you can calculate your monthly payments for a home loan, a debt consolidation, and for a refinance… Many types of home loans are possible with low down payments and even low monthly payments for government assisted loans. A qualified mortgage professional can inform you of your options based upon your personal information and credit history…

Calculate your monthly payments on your new loan using our free amortization calculator. Also use the amortization schedule to see a detailed account of how much of your monthly payment actually pays down principal on your loan…

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