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A mortgage rate calculator takes the interest rate, mortgage term, and principal balance of a loan in order to produce an estimated monthly payment. A mortgage rate calculator may also give the amount of interest accruing on the loan. The amount of interest can be given as a monthly average, a yearly average or a in a total of interest accrued over the life of the loan. Many calculators give a detailed table of the changes in interest and principal as the repayment period progresses, which aids borrowers in future financial planning.

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Mortgage rate calculators may also allow you to plug in one or more extra payments through out the life of the loan or yearly. This allows you to plan a way to cut down on interest even if you can not afford a larger down payment or higher monthly payment. If you plan on making extra payments, make sure to consult your lender about prepayment penalties so that you will not incur a fine while trying to save money.

Mortgage Rate Calculator show the effect the following components of a loan have on your mortgage:

  • interest rates
  • mortgage terms
  • principal balance
  • extra yearly payments

Low interest rates have encouraged many renters to look into buying a new home, and created a great opportunity for homeowners to refinance. There are many ways to ensure that your new mortgage closes in your favor. Researching your mortgage is good way to make sure you will be happy with your mortgage. Checking your credit can give you a realistic idea of what kind of loan you qualify for. Credit reports can be ordered for a nominal price from any one of the three major credit agencies, for example, Equifax, and can even be ordered online. After looking into your credit history and current income to discover the kind of loan you qualify for, researching your mortgage is your next step. A mortgage rate calculator can be used to help you decide on the kind of loan you want, making it easier to make choices between different loan offers. Use our mortgage rate calculator or contact up to four lenders by filling out our free short form.


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Your mortgage rate in combination with the size and term of your loan will determine your monthly payments. Before applying to be put in touch with a mortgage broker, try our free mortgage calculators to estimate your loan payments… Mortgage brokers do more than push paper for your loan with a bank. A skilled broker also presents to you at least a few choices of how to finance your loan and also communicates under writer requirements to you in a timely fashion… Refinancing mortgage options let you do more than just lower your interest rate. You can capitalize on the opportunity to take money out of the equity in your home at a low rate of interest to finance other large purchases in your life…
Tax deductible second mortgages are a common way of getting money out of your home by making marginal changes to what you are paying monthly in order to get out cash to finance other purchases in your life… An amortization schedule is a useful tool in determining what kind of interest rate you are willing to accept. Small changes in your interest rate will be recognized by large changes in the amount of interest an amortization table shows you paying every month…

A bad credit mortgage is usually an adjustable rate mortgage arranged by a mortgage broker specialized in getting banks to back loans for those with bad credit…

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