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  • A construction loan covers the cost of the materials, labor and land needed to build a new home, giving you the opportunity customize your new home.
  • An FHA loan is insured by the Federal Housing Administration which is a part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in effort to provide families with low income mortgages that require only very low down payments. The FHA also has special low interest, low down payment loans available for teachers and police officers.
  • A VA loan is insured by the Veterans Administration and provides a low interest low with no required down payment. A VA insured loan is available if you have served in the military.
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    A home is the largest purchase that most of us will make during the course of our lives, and often, it is one of the most important. This makes choosing the mortgage loan that covers the cost of this house one of your most important decisions as well. Since there are many types of mortgage loans, you should be able to find one that suits you.

    Finding a mortgage loan can be more daunting than find a home. You want to be careful in both decisions since you will have to live with both for at least the next five to 30 years. Having realistic understanding of exactly what mortgage loans entail and exactly what you are looking for will help you through this process. Fill out our free short form to contact an expert about mortgage loans.

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    • Poor to Excellent credit borrowers welcome – low rate mortgage loans
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      Need Cash? Considering a Home Equity Loan? Why not get cash out from your equity and refinance in one process. Select ‘Refinance’ on the application and specify your ‘Cash-Out’.
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    Mortgage loans have all levels of advertised rates but you will have no clue what your credit and income can afford you for a house until you consult a mortgage professional to get you an idea. It takes careful planning with your real estate agent to pick a mortgage loan that covers your costs… Picking a home loan is a huge decision that requires an understanding of the various types of interest rates available for your loan. Most mortgage terms are for thirty years however only paying interest over fifteen years can save you as much as 50% of the total cost of your home… FHA is a federal program for insuring home loans. FHA helps families with low income or poor credit to obtain a home loan with a small down payment and lower interest rates. Expo Financial can connect you with up to four competitive rate quotes for free…
    Refinancing loans are as simple as replacing your current loan with a new one that better suits your short term and long term needs. You can also get cash out at the time of your refinance if you have equity built up in your home… Manufactured home loans are more popular than they once were thanks to improvements in the homes constructions and overall desirability. Take advantage of today’s great rates with a fixed rate mortgage on your home…

    Getting assistance for your down payment can help you get the house of your dreams today without having to come up with cash for your initial expenses. Expo Financial can connect you with a professional mortgage broker in your area offering great interest rates…

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