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Mortgage interest rates vary from year to year, but there is a consensus that the all time lows that have been seen for the past few years can not hold. Predictions of rising rates are leading many to believe that now is the best time to refinancing or to lock in a loan with a low rate. The best way to understand how true this may be is to understand more about mortgage interest rates. A lot of information on interest rates and the indexes that dictate there rise and fall that can be found online, or you could contact a lender to see what kind of interest rate you qualify for. Fill out our free short form to contact up to four lenders about interest rates for your new mortgage.

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There are many indexes that can influence your interest rates:

  • Prime Rate is published by the Wall Street Journal and is used for corporations, large business and other parties with extremely good credit. This rate is one of the most stable and, for the most part, does not vary from bank to bank. Since it is often used to predict the rise or fall of rates, when the prime rate changes it is likely that consumer loans will follow its lead and so this is a good index to study.
  • U.S. Treasury Security Yield is the average of monthly rates of a one, three or five year U.S. Treasury security. Many adjustable rate mortgages are set by the average rate of this index. If you are interested in finding more information on this index, an average of the monthly rates is published annually by the Federal Reserve Board.
  • Federal Funds Rate is most often referred to as the Fed Fund Rate. This index is set by the Federal Open Market Committee and is used by banks to set the rate on funds that are loaned from one bank to another overnight. This index is used to stimulate economic growth. Changes in the Federal Funds rate effect inflation and economic stability. The Federal Open Market Committee has to seriously consider the consequences of any changes in this rate. If it was set too high, it could have the potential to choke economic growth. Long-term interest rates are greatly effected by this index.
  • The 11th District Cost of Funds can be used for adjustable rate mortgages. Generally parallel to the one-year U.S. Treasury Yields, this index is reported monthly.

An adjustable rate fluctuates with indexes such as the prime rate, federal funds rate, the U.S. Treasury security rate, or the 11th District Cost of funds. On a mortgage, your rate will usually adjust every one, three, or five years. This means if the rates go up, you will pay more than the person who started with a fixed rate, and if the rates go down you will pay less than that person. Low introductory rates and an interest rate cap to keep monthly payment from rising too high give this loan some security for the borrower. This type of loan is often the loan of choice for those with damaged credit or who are only planning to live in a new home for five to seven years.

Interest rates are the amount you pay in return for the balance that a bank loans you. This percentage of your balance can either be fixed or can be adjustable. When you have a fixed rate loan, this percentage stays constant, allowing you to know from the start of the loan exactly how much interest you will pay throughout the loan. This fixed rate allows you to have the same monthly payment throughout the loan.


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Mortgage interest rates are still at great lows. If you are worried that you have missed your prime opportunity to refinance you are mistaken. Now is the time to get locked in at a low fixed rate interest mortgage to save you money over the entire life of your loan… Mortgage refinancing is simply replacing one loan with another. It is an opportunity to lower rate and also to switch between fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages as well as to switch between 15 and 30 year loan terms… A home equity line of credit can help you to pay sporadically large expenses throughout the year without having to take out an entirely new loan. An equity line of credit is especially valuable if you don’t know immediatly how much money you will be needing from your loan…
FHA loan advantages are great if you would like to qualify for a low interest rate and little to no money down on your new mortgage. FHA loans do not have limites set by the amount of income the borrower has… Looking for a free mortgage loan calculator? You have come to the right place, our calculator will estimate your monthly payments and provide you with a complete printable amortziation table showing your interest paid each month…

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