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Older homeowners (62 years and older) can take advantage of reverse mortgages. A reverse mortgage allows a homeowner to have an immediate full payment, monthly advances, or a credit line based on the equity of the home. This type of loan is ideal because it requires no monthly payments. In actuality, the lender pays the homeowner instead of the usual reverse, hence the name of the mortgage. Also, borrowers may receive fixed monthly payments, if they choose to do so, for as long as a they live, even if the amount surpasses the value of the home. If when the borrower dies, money is owed to the lender, it is covered by insurance, for example, by the FHA, or a third party, and never by the borrower’s estate.

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Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit are also popular ways of funding home improvement. There are many options for a homeowner to look into. Fill out our short form to find out more about home improvement loans today.

With the current low interest rates, a homeowner may also look into refinancing, but this should only be done if interest rates are considerably less than the original mortgage rate. A current mortgage can be refinanced at a much lower interest rate for a larger amount, giving the homeowner the funds for home improvement and also, saving the homeowner money in interest payments.

Homeowners may find that there are more ways to fund home improvement that they expect. A large variety of loans exist to help homeowners finance repairs.


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Home improvement loans are popular at today’s low interest rates because you can add value to your home and live more comfortably. Finance your expansions or remodeling today and save money while building towards the home of your dreams… A home equity line of credit can help you to pay sporadically large expenses throughout the year without having to take out an entirely new loan. An equity line of credit is especially valuable if you don’t know immediatly how much money you will be needing from your loan… Special programs are offered for farm loans that make them easier to obtain with less money down. Government agencies such as the FSA and the FmHA help rural home owners establish and improve their farms with financial assistance…
PMI ( Private Mortgage Insurance ) is paid by homeowners who are considered high-risk or those who simply have less than 20 percent of their mortgage principal paid down. New laws affecting PMI went into place in 1999… Refinancing loans can help you to lower your interest rates and build equity in your home more quickly ( from your interest savings ). You can also finance important home improvements if you plan on staying in your home for a longer period of time…

VA Home loans offer advantages to our veterans by lowering the cost of getting a mortgage with a ceiling value of $240,000. A VA Home loan can be used to build a home or even for an energy efficient home improvement…

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