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One of the reasons shopping for a mortgage is so intimidating are the many kinds of mortgages to pick from. Trying to understand the individual mortgages and the terms that come along with them can make finding a loan more difficult that picking the home. Understanding the mortgage is a key factor in ensuring that the homeowner will not find any unexpected increases or charges down the road.

In the market for a home mortgage? Choosing a mortgage can be a daunting task. Potential home owners should make sure to choose the mortgage that is the best fit for their current needs and future plans. Apply online to contact a home mortgage expert.

Here are some terms you will need to understand while shopping for a home mortgage:

  • Fixed rate mortgage – this type of mortgage has a fixed interest rate as well as a fixed term, meaning that the rate, term and monthly balance are set at the beginning of the loan and do not change through out.
  • Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) – have more lenient credit and income requirements, but the interest rates rise and fall with the market, so the owner could end up paying more or less than initially anticipated.
  • FHA loan – a mortgage or loan that is insured by the federal government through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This insurance allows lenders to lend more to less qualified applicants with lower interest rates and low down payments.
  • Veterans Administration (VA) loan – like the FHA loan this mortgage is insured through the federal government for qualified applicants who served in the military. These loans are especially appealing as they require little or nothing down.
  • Conventional loans – loans from private lenders that are not insured by the federal government.
  • Home Construction loan – funds the land, labor, materials and permanent financing for home buyers who are building a home.

After choosing the loan that best suits your needs and income, it is time to find the lender that can give you the best contract. Fill out our short form to contact up to four home mortgage lenders.


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If you are thinking of taking a loan or loans in your name you should consider whether or not you would like a short term or a long term to repay it. Doing a few simple calculations you can determine how much home you can really afford… Home equity lanes are often referred to as second mortgages. They take advantage of the equity of your home to get you a low interest rate for a large purchase. If you are over 62 years old you can also qualify for what is called a reverse mortgage…

An amortization chart can show you the entire list of payments you will make over the life of a loan in a printer friendly form. On an amortization chart you will see your payments broken down into principal and interest paid each month…

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