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Buy To Let Mortgages

Deciding upon a buy to let mortgage is a long-term commitment that reaps many of its rewards later down the road. You should be mindful of the difficulties associated with tenants who do not pay on time and also hidden costs that come out to bring the house up to code as years go by. Taxation issues are also important to consider because you will be hopefully be profiting from your investment.

With all of their advantages and disadvantages, buy to let mortgages are still a great option right now because interest rates have not been lower in the past twenty years. If you are looking to make a large tax deduction on the mortgage you may consider what is called an interest only mortgage. This will increase the amount of money you are deducting for interest payments on the home. As with any mortgage we recommend that you apply for a rate quote, but also most importantly, speak in detail with the lender that contacts you to learn as much about the process as you can from a lending professional.

If you are decided upon a buy to let mortgage we recommend getting numerous rate quotes from multiple lenders. Expo Financial can supply you with as many as four free rate quotes on your mortgage with no obligation and no hassles. Give our short form a try and a lender will contact you by phone at the desired time.

Buy to let mortgages are a growing portion of the homeownership market as more and more Americans move up the economic ladder and own multiple properties. You should be able to avoid a commercial mortgage for your rental property, however you may still face higher interest rates because you your second home will be perceived as more risky if you are relying upon renters to make the monthly payments.


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Buy to let mortgages are a trend in the lending industry as home owners decide to step up the economic ladder and rent out property to others as an investment. Rates and downpayment requirements vary widely so it is important to get as many mortgage rate quotes as possible… VA Home loans are a blessing for former military families looking to get a mortgage. A VA Home loan can often be obtained with no money down and limited closing costs and very low mortgage interest rates… If you are shopping for a home loan a mortgage payment calculator is a great tool for helping you estimate your expected monthly payments in advance of speaking with a mortgage broker. ..
Refinancing homes is a common practice whenever rates have dropped or a borrower would like to change the terms of their mortgage. Many buyers switch from fifteen year to thirty year terms and from adjustable to fixed rate mortgages… For a mortgage broker your lending needs should not seem special because they deal with all different backgrounds and credit histories to find the loans that best suit their clients’ needs…

Interest only mortgages are a unique kind of home loan in which equity is not built in the home. Under certain circumstances this sacrifice might not be too great relative to the benefits of paying less on your monthly payments…

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